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Patent granted

The development of electronic circuits is our core competence. Sometimes, as here in the field of energy-saving energizers, this leads to solutions that we believe are worthy of protection, and therefore apply for a patent. Meanwhile, the patent was granted. Find out more: Patent fence energizer.


Dear Visitor,

CNC Screen

Thanks for your visit! At this point I would like to raise your interest in cooperation and cause you to establish a first contact. To give you an idea of ​​my person, I want to write down some important stages of my professional life:

After graduation in 1977, my two and a half years of training as a radio and television technician began, which I finished with a final examination. In parallel I acquired knowledge in high frequency technology. Since 1979 I am a holder of an amateur radio license. After my military service I started studying Electrical Engineereing with emphasis on communications technology from the winter semester 1981/82 at the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany).

After over 10 years working in a medium sized company with around 160 emplyees I moved to a management position in a small company with about 20 employees. As a result of much smaller structures much more extensive tasks were brought to me. I was the purchasing manager, development engineer, planning engineer, responsible for quality assurance, design, catalog layout (DTP) and client advisor in one. As a "jack of all" I could considerably broaden my experience. I led the implementation of a ERP system which added experience in operational organization, logistics, IT Management, network, and client-server technology in a mixed Linux/Windows network.

My self-employment began, initially part-time, in the mid-90s, with products for submerge lamps for divers. Since then I produce chargers for NiCd-/NiMH-batteries and electronics for lamps which are sold both directly and in close cooperation with long-term partners.

In 2004 I quit my dependent employment and started working full-time in my own engineering company offering an extensive range of development, production and services. Smaller and larger product developments, which are mainly produced on my production line for wired components, are my focus of activity nowadays. SMD circuits are produced by partners due to the fact that I don't have an own pick-and-place line yet. Over time a variety of products from the fields of lighting technology, LED technology and industrial electronics were added. The main advantage for my customers result from the close integration of development and production which is usually difficult to find. My particular focus is on a large vertical integration enabeling me to follow the wishes and needs of my clients quick, independant and at low costs. However, a correspondingly large equipment pool is a prerequisite for this. Recently, for example, I bought at a CNC milling machine (see figure) and a pad printing machine, both to expand the manufacturing of housings and front panels.

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